How It Works

The patented energy-saving IoT solution works with new or existing water heating systems to boost energy efficiency in a residential building while dramatically reducing emissions and energy costs on water heating.



Internet of Things technology that connects the water heating systems in the building into one platform.


AI decision system

The system is adaptive and changes according to the actual user needs. Back home late from work? No worries, the system will save hot water for you.



Sowillo system can monitor and control any type of thermosolar collectors, electrical water heaters, water tanks, and heat pumps.


Star savings from day one

We combine machine learning practices on all the available information in our days, together with advanced algorithms, Sowillo offering a unique solution to optimize the heat and manage water heating in a residential buildings




Advanced maintenance

Detect & alert before failures happen
Discover system efficiency loss

Sowillo system includes a predictive maintenance engine and system management dashboard that is supplied to the client in order to detect and alert failures and discover the system efficiency loss




Energy optimization

Cost reduction of water heating by about 40%
CO2 reduction by better utilization of energy
More usable hot water from the same system

Sowillo system performs optimizations on hot water usage, time-of-use tariff and power grid load balancing. System performance improvement achieved with real-time system overview and full control of the operation, with performance alerts, and important insights.

Need more information? Want to try our IoT system? Contact us and we would be glad to help!

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