We add intelligence to Solar water heating systems


Use any type of solar collectors

Sowillo system connects to any type of solar collectors (as a main energy source) – vacuum, flat or any other. Other systems connects as a back up.

For residential /multi user building

Sowillo designed for multi user building. As more apartments in the building, the more energy we can save! How? Ask us.

Maintenance time and money

Sowillo IoT devices taking care about the maintenance of the water heating system and connects the service company to the real data. Let our system to take care about the maintenance.

Have your comfort, pay less

Get your hot water at any time, without waiting or caring about it. The system use machine learning technics to give you hot water when you actually need it, be it after work or after your gym class.

Water heating optimization

Sowillo IoT devices use all the information available (weather, changing rates, back up and etc.) to optimize production and consumption of the energy – more hot water, from the same system! 


Utility infrastructure

The system make the ability to start a utility model for hot water. Building maintenance company or utility company? Great, you can start your hot water billing right away.

Ask us to save more!

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About US

The world population is moving to the cities and more then 25% of the population is already living in high rises, and it’s about to rise. In residential, water heating is one of the most significant parts of the energy used.

In residential, underproduction (dirty collectors, lime scale, insulation), incorrect hot water distribution and failures cause up to 70% more expenses on water heating and efficiency loses.

Sowillo Energy is a technological utility company focusing on hot water supply for shared multi-user systems with solar thermal being a primary source of energy.

We adding our own easy-to-install IoT devices and converting any type of thermosolar systems to an intelligent one, which optimizes every aspect of water heating systems performance, starting from efficient energy collection and ending with optimal consumption planning by using smart backup systems just to fill the gaps.

Operation expenses are further reduced by using predictive maintenance. System performance is continuously monitored and compared to other systems and own performance in the past to detect anomalies or degradations and provide appropriate service. Sowillo systems are able to serve the same needs as much bigger conventional systems.

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